The McLaughlin Philosophy

Goal-directed orthodontic treatment is extremely important. If the goals of treatment are not established and kept in mind from the initial diagnosis and treatment planning phase through the phase of retention, continuous errors can be made. Treatment then becomes inefficient and results will be disappointing. However, if treatment goals are constantly kept in mind, results will be much more consistent, and when minor compromises must occur, the reasons for these can be understood.

The treatment goals are:

  • Healthy Musculature and TMJs
  • Correct Static and Functional Occlusion
  • Periodontal Health
  • Stability
  • Maintaining or Increasing the Airway
  • Facial Balance
  • Resolving the Patient's Chief Complaint

Once the goals of treatment have been established, it is critical to implement a systematic approach to each of the stages of treatment. Each stage should be organized so that both orthodontist and staff are familiar with its specific details. In this way, treatment will proceed in a most efficient and accurate manner.

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