What Doctors Are Saying

dr heiber

Dr. Ron Heiber

Fairfield County, Ohio

During my 42 years in practice the McLaughlin Program was the single most important educational experience after completion of my residency. I think anyone, and at any time post residency, will find the course to be career altering. In my case it was after 30 years of practice, yet it provided the foundation to systematically change my approach to diagnosis, treatment mechanics, case finishing and office efficiency. The McLaughlin Program was fun, exciting, the people fantastic and provided a challenge when one was needed. I’ve had 4 decades of continuing education and nothing else compares.

dr diaz

Dr. Patricia Diaz Correa


The McLaughin Program has greatly improved my practice. I consider it as a very practical and complete course in which you can immediately apply the knowledge you have acquired. I found out clinical case discussions by several practitioners in a classroom was fascinating. The indirect bonding technique taught by McLaughing is really easy fast and accurate!!! To me it was an honour to be able to participate with such an icon of Orthodontics.

dr redigonda

Dr. Lui Redigonda

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Being a graduate from an orthodontic program that taught many different mechanics 'systems' depending on the part-time instructor, I had to make a decision in 2002 regarding what system I felt comfortable using to treat my patients. I had the opportunity to read all of the MBT textbooks in school and had what I felt was a good understanding of the McLaughlin philosophy and treatment mechanics. This philosophy made the most sense to me as I was starting my career in orthodontics. Choosing to attend the McLaughlin Program was one of the best things that I have done professionally. This allowed me to solidify and fully understand the McLaughlin treatment philosophy from treatment planning non-extraction, extraction, complex, and surgical cases. Case examples were well illustrated and presented in such a way that allowed me to bring what I learned directly into my office.Dr. McLaughlin has the passion and experience to teach orthodontics in a stress free environment with a small class size. I now feel comfortable teaching the McLaughlin philosophy to my graduate orthodontic residents at my alma mater.

dr suit

Dr. Jim Suit

Prescott, Arizona

The McLaughlin Program has been the most significant, worthwhile continuing education that I have experienced in my long orthodontic career. This training has taken my diagnostic and clinical skills to a new level – with increased efficiency and confidence so that I now love going to work more than ever. Just do it!

Call me personally if you need further info.

dr harnick

Dr. David Harnick

Albuquerque, New Mexico

After 20 years of being an orthodontist and 15 years as ABO, I wasn't totally sure how much the course would benefit me. However, I decided to give it a go. It has made me a better and more efficient orthodontist and I have been very thankful that I made the choice to take the course. As a side benefit, I have made many friends. All in all, I couldn't recommend this course more highly. My daughter is graduating ortho school in December and we are going to practice together. It is going to help standardize our practice after she takes the course.

dr estrada

Dr. Abelardo Estrada

El Salvador, Central America

It is an honor for me to recommend The McLaughlin 5 Day Program because it has changed my life. What I learned from the course is reflected in the excellent treatment of my patients. I have encouraged my orthodontist colleagues from Latín America to take this very prestigious program.

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